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ArtCraft Optical Co. Inc.

57 Goodway Drive South
Rochester, NY 14623

Main Office: 585.546.6640
Customer Service: 800.828.8288

ART-CRAFT OPTICAL CO., INC. is an internationally-recognized manufacturer of superior ophthalmic-quality dress and safety prescription spectacle frames; some of the world’s best glasses are made with ArtCraft frames.

Located in Rochester, NY, for more than 100 years, Art-Craft Optical has long been known in the ophthalmic community for its commitment to uncompromising quality.

Whatever your eyewear needs might be, we’re here to help. In fact, if you need frames for special applications, we can develop and produce frames designed specifically for you; we’ve done it for so many others!

Please call or email us with any questions.


The ArtCraft Team


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