Military Combat Frames. Battle Ready. G-Force Tolerance.

For over 100 years all branches of the US Military, British Armed Services and the Canadian Armed Forces have contracted with ArtCraft Optical to provide superior quality frames to keep their forces safely focused on the mission. ArtCraft frames are proven to be battle-ready and flight-worthy. They have withstood the test of time and strength in the most demanding situations and harshest wartime conditions.

We were the first American manufacturer of cable temples that ensured a soldier’s eyewear remained secure under cumbersome helmets and gas masks – on land and at sea. We’ve answered the call to supply frame products for our Armed Forces in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and in current conflict zones today.

Eyewear, helmet, oxygen mask, G-suit, parachute – the flight equipment pilots depend on to save their lives. During the Gulf War, ArtCraft was the only metal frames supplier to meet the rigorous standards necessary for reliable eyewear for American pilots – especially for protecting their sight and safety in unexpected flight emergencies and G-force conditions. ArtCraft Optical has been the only approved Official Frame Manufacturer for the United States Air Force for two decades.

ArtCraft is the oldest ophthalmic metal frame manufacturer in the United States. Our founder, Charles J. Eagle, was originally a Swiss tool maker and his total focus became the production of only the finest quality frames for the eye wear industry. Throughout the decades, the company’s leadership as the industry standard has endured and is most evident in the tens of millions of frames produced by the company’s skilled employees. Now, as the third generation of the Eagle family leads the company, it continues to evolve in an ever-changing landscape of customer demand.

To this day, we proudly supply frames to the US and foreign Military forces including:

Canada • UK • Republic of Korea • Japan • Denmark • Italy • Germany • Spain • Bahrain • Pakistan • Saudi Arabia • Australia • New Zealand • Philippines • Holland • Austria • Sweden