Art-Craft Optical Acquires Hudson Optical’s Safety Frame Business

ROCHESTER, NY —Art-Craft Optical, the U.S.-based eyewear and safety frame manufacturer here, has acquired Las Vegas-based Hudson Optical, the safety frame company, in a deal which closed earlier this month, according to executives at both companies. Details of the transaction were not disclosed. The two family-owned firms will transition their sales and operations to be managed out of the Art-Craft facility here, effective Nov. 17. The Hudson Optical Safety Eyewear brand will still retain its own identity, under the umbrella of Art-Craft Optical.

You can view the new collection on our website here.

Charlie Eagle, vice president of Art-Craft, told VMAIL, “There is great synergy between the two companies.It will be very helpful to offer our customers the complementary brands from Hudson, a proven leader in the Rx safety marketplace, and enable us to provide a more diversified product offering.”

Hudson Optical’s president Jason Hirschman, will act in an advisory role. He told VMAIL, “Hudson Optical has been a leader in the prescription safety frame market for over 40 years with a well-earned reputation for design leadership and great customer service. Now is the perfect time to take the next bold step—combining our frame line with Art-Craft Optical’s offerings to create something even better for our customers.

“As the head of a three generation family business, I am particularly pleased that the Hudson safety division will be in the capable hands of another family business with deep roots in our eyewear industry. I can’t imagine a better home for Hudson.”As Eagle explained, at mid-point this year, the two families started discussions, and Eagle met with Jason Hirschman and his father Richard to work out the broad strokes of the deal. Hudson Optical and Art-Craft have a history of friendship going back to Hudson’s Irving Hirschman, Jason’s grandfather and founder of the business and Charlie J Eagle-the founder of Art-Craft in the 1950s. Hudson Optical Corp was founded in the 1950s as a frame manufacturer in New York City and was named for the street on which the company was located. Art-Craft traces its origins to WW1 when founded by Charles Eagle in Rochester, N.Y. originally selling combat eyewear to U.K. and Canadian Troops and then to American soldiers for the trenches and pilots flying over the fields of battle. Art-Craft has made branded, house brands and private label street eyewear, and military eyewear worldwide since its founding in 1918 as well as OEM for Ray-Ban, Corning, Thales,  Decot, Rochester Optical and other optical companies throughout its long history. Art-Craft is the oldest U.S. eyewear manufacturer and has been in continuous production and family owned since its founding. Art-Craft then entered the Rx safety business in 1991.More information is posted at the Art-Craft website and other info is available by email at