Art-Craft Optical Renews Defense Department Contract

August 1, 2019, Rochester NY – Art-Craft Optical Co. Inc. was awarded a renewed contract to continue to produce aviation flight frames for the U.S. Air Force worth over $20 million from the Department of Defense stated a release from U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer’s office.

The frames are made at the company’s Henrietta, NY manufacturing facility. “Art-Craft has been the only supplier to meet the rigorous standards necessary for reliable eyewear for American pilots – especially for protecting their sight and safety in unexpected flight emergencies and G-force conditions. We are very proud to be the only officially contracted, cockpit and combat approved eyewear supplier to the US Navy/AirForce.” Said Charlie Eagle, President.

Founded in 1918, Art-Craft Optical employs over 50 workers that craft custom frames for men’s and women’s fashion, safety and military markets. The firm has been the sole supplier of aviation flight frames to the Air Force since 1991. “This is extremely welcome news for our entire company,” says Christopher Eagle, Art-Craft Optical’s Vice President. “This contract is a testament to our commitment to quality and gives us the production base upon which we can grow our USA-made eyewear business.”

For over 100 years all branches of the US Military, British Armed Services and the Canadian Armed Forces have contracted with Art-Craft Optical to provide superior quality frames to keep their forces safely focused on the mission. Art-Craft frames are proven to be battle-ready and flight-worthy. They have withstood the test of time and strength in the most demanding situations and harshest wartime conditions.

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