Metal Gurus

October 2017 – On the verge of celebrating its 100th anniversary, Art-Craft sent 20/20 a timely tease noting their long-standing heritage of crafting eyewear made in America. With the intention of heralding this proud tradition in a number of ways throughout 2018, we thought it noteworthy to take a peek at a bit of their “metal” work in their U.S. factory.

Stay tuned for more than a few updates on their current eyewear products in finished form on the pages of 20/20, and in case you’d like to get in touch with them acknowledging their long-standing reputation or even set up a bit of a biz deal connect at or give VP Charlie Eagle a call: (800) 828-8288. Blatant promoting? Yep. Consider it part of 20/20’s ongoing pledge of Independents.

–James J. Spina, Editor in Chief, 20/20 Magazine